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Are you fed up with dieting and need help to lose weight permanently? Are your emotions getting in the way? Do you suffer from anxiety and stress? Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve change in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. I am based in Colchester, Essex, and available worldwide by Skype. Whatever you would like to change, call me now in confidence.

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Have you got what it takes to be a Professional Hypnotherapist? Find out more about our GHSC accredited hypnotherapy training courses in Essex.


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Advanced Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy

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Hypnotherapy South East is an established hypnotherapy practice in Colchester Essex. Lynda Roberts professional hypnotherapist welcomes clients in a comfortable and confidential setting.

If you would like a free half hour consultation to discuss your options, please do contact me. There’s no obligation, and it could just be the call that changes your life for the better.

Specialising in General Anxiety disorders and Weight Management, I also offer full confidential support with all aspects of your journey towards emotional wellness through change. Whatever the problem, contact me to discover your best options.

Tel: 07779 649153

hypnotherapy in colchester

Lynda Roberts Cert Ed. SQHP (GHR). CNHC

Hypnotherapist in Colchester

Lynda Roberts is a qualified and practicing hypnotherapist based in Colchester, Essex and can provide hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to help with a number of issues – not limited to but including : Quitting Smoking | Weight Control | Stress | Anger | Anxiety | Fears and Phobias | Panic Attacks | Childhood Issues | Addictive behaviour

smoking cessation

Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy and related techniques can help you to stop smoking when you’re ready in as little as one or two sessions…Read More

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Lose weight using the power of your mind! Hypnotherapy can show you how to choose foods you enjoy while reducing weight….Read More

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Hypnotherapy and related techniques to give your mind a well-deserved break from unwanted thoughts and feelings …Read More

Weight Loss

Fears & Phobias

Hypnotherapy is available to let you release that phobia or fear that has been getting in the way of your life…..Read More

Confidential Contact

If you know you want to change your life for the better, call me now in complete confidence and I will help you to make those changes!

Contact Lynda Roberts on 07779 649153

Accredited Hypnotherapy Training Courses in Colchester

Looking for a new career? Are you tired of earning money for someone else? Are you the sort of person who loves to help others feel good about themselves? Are you interested in the way the human mind works ( including your own!)? Hypnotherapy is a highly rewarding profession, and you could be one of the professional, highly skilled therapists who form part of it.

What seems like a hundred years ago, I trained as a hypnotherapist. I can honestly say it’s the best move I have ever made in my working life. Every day is different, every client seeking hypnotherapy is unique. To see someone find their own inner abilities to make changes to their life is amazing.

Think you have what it takes to do this? Contact me in confidence for an informal chat – if you want to change something, now is the time!

Hypnotherapy Training in Colchester

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A free initial consultation is offered, either in person or via Skype. This is to give you the opportunity to tell me about the changes you wish to make, and so that we can discuss the treatment options available to you.

Hypnotherapy Appointments Available

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to use your mind to make positive changes. When we’re focused on one thing, whether it’s something we’re looking at, a sound or a feeling, everything else around us fades into the background, and this is what is known as being in hypnosis. As humans, we are in the natural state of hypnosis many times during the day, such as when reading, having a conversation, watching a film, driving or any of the everyday activities that we do without thinking.

This is because the part of our mind we call the subconscious automatically controls our automatic, learned responses. When we want to make changes to the way we feel or behave hypnotherapy is a safe, natural way for an experienced hypnotherapist to help you make those changes by accessing your subconscious thought processes safely and naturally. There are many advanced hypnotherapy techniques available to the experienced hypnotherapist and your lifestyle factors and overall health will be taken into account when agreeing a treatment plan with you.

Self-hypnosis is a great tool for you to use at home in between sessions, to enable your mind to access the feelings of deep calm experienced during hypnotherapy sessions, and you will be shown how to easily achieve the relaxed state of hypnosis whenever you want to. Hypnotherapy is highly beneficial to your health and wellbeing, as it enables your mind and body to completely relax. You are always in control, as hypnosis is a very naturally occurring state of mind. Hypnotherapy is therapy applied while you are in a deeply relaxed hypnotic state – very different to stage shows with hypnotists! Your therapist is there to guide you, and help you achieve the positive changes you want, using the power of your own mind.